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STRUCOMP in conjunction with its selective short-list of skilled partners provides a number of specialist professional
engineering services that include:

Consultancy services:


  • structural analysis and design

  • structural modelling techniques including finite element modelling

  • structural dynamics

  • floor vibration modelling and on-site measurement

  • design of damping system for vibration control

  • wave loading effects on offshore structures

  • town planning

Field instrumentation for static and dynamic testing of structural systems including:

  • road and pedestrian bridges

  • stadia

  • floor systems

  • phone transmission towers

  • thermal/other movement of walls

  • “whole of building/structure” movements

  • “troubleshooting” structural issues

Provision of specialist professional development courses/workshops in:


  • structural dynamics and modeling

  • response to wind and wave loading of structures

  • response to earthquake loading of structures

  • response of structures to other forms of extreme loading (impact, tsunami

  • human and forklift induced vibrations of floor systems

  • simulation and modeling techniques using spreadsheets and Matlab

  • 3D printing for engineers

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